Focus on Minimal Music by Julius Eastman in Munich

Focus on Minimal Music by Julius Eastman in Munich
© Donald Burkhardt

Julius Eastman’s works will be highlighted at the Lenbachhaus München with several concerts in March 2022, performed by Münchener Kammerorchester and Kukuruz Quartett. Each performance will be livestreamed on the Lenbachaus website.

The concerts are part of the International Weeks Against Racism.

05.03.22 | Prelude to the Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc, The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc (version for string orchestra), Buddha, Münchener Kammerorchester | More info

11.03.22 & 12.03.22 | Fugue no. 7, Evil Nigger, Gay Guerrilla, Kukuruz Quartett | More info

14.03.22 | Prelude to the Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc, Piano 2Buddha, Kukuruz Quartett | More info

At the end of the month, there will be two performances of an all-Eastman program in Paris, at the Bourse de Commerce. These performances will feature new arrangements of Eastman’s music performed by pianists Devonté Hynes and Adam Tendler, percussionist Jonathan Hepfer, and a seven-piece string ensemble.

29. & 30.03.22 | Buddha, Femenine, Evil Nigger, Gay Guerrilla | More info

A newly translated French edition of the book Gay Guerrilla, featuring crucial essays on Eastman’s work and featuring a new foreword by Hynes, is now available from Les Presses du réel.

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