• Can I have a copy of your rental/hire catalogue?

    We would be happy to send you a copy of our hire catalogue. Please send your request to the relevant hire library

  • How do I license a piece of music, a recording or request permission to use copyrighted material?

    All use of copyright protected music on stage (opera, dance, theatre) will need to be licensed directly with the publisher. Please click here for detailed explanations of our licensing procedures. We look forward to being in contact with you.

    Also, the use of music in film, TV, and advertising will need to be licensed. Discover more at Wise Music Creative. For all other recording or permission requests please contact your relevant promotion office for further information.

  • What licenses and permissions are required to stream music?

    Detailed questions and answers are available at WiseMusicClassical.com/info/gs-streaming-music-faqs.

  • How do I obtain a perusal score?

    You can examine a score usually available on hire for a period of 60 days. You are responsible for return postage, any expedited shipping charges if requested, and replacement costs (if lost or damaged). Perusal orders should be placed with the promotion department responsible for your country of residence by mail, phone, or fax. Click here for contact information.

  • How do I purchase music?

    Music in print is available from your local music store or online music dealers such as Musicroom.com (UK), Sheet Music Plus (USA) or Music Shop Europe (EU).

  • How do I rent/hire music from publishing houses of Wise Music Group?

    If a score is for hire, click the Hire button on the work page to be taken to Zinfonia, where you can order scores online. Please see our Rental page for more information.

  • I clicked on a link to musicsalesclassical.com - what happened? Where am I?

    Wise Music Classical is the new name for Music Sales Classical. The Music Sales Group was renamed Wise Music Group in February 2020.

  • Where can I find a recording of works by one of your composers?

    The classical publishers of Wise Music Group are not responsible for the sale or distribution of its composers' recordings. For information about the availability of a particular recording review the discography on the composer’s page, ask your local music store or search one of the many online options for purchasing and streaming recorded music. Additional information regarding recordings may be found on composers’ personal websites, and also many works are available for listening via the embedded Spotify player on this website.

  • Where can I find a work note and/or composer biography?

    Biographies appear on the composer’s page on the website. If a work note is available, it will appear on the work's page on the website. Generally, work notes and biographies which appear on the website are available for use with credit given to the appropriate publisher. Some work notes are protected by copyright and permission from the copyright holder should be sought before reproducing them.

  • Can I submit my compositions for potential publishing?

    We do not accept unsolicited submissions by letter or email.