ed. Thomas Feng

  • Piano
  • 15 min 45 s

Programme Note

Editorial Note
Eastman's manuscript contains almost no barlines — following Joseph Kubera's advice, I have not added any, and the only ones I have included in this edition are Eastman's own. (However, the systems are broken loosely according to Eastman's line breaks, resulting in some irregular spacing.)

Eastman's beaming and notation of rests (i.e. the lack thereof) has mostly been preserved. In the manuscript, quarter notes are notated as stemless noteheads; the stems have been added in this edition. The duration of certain tied notes was simplified by consolidating tied note values.

Natural signs have only been added where the chromaticism might be misleading; otherwise, it should be assumed that accidentals apply only to the note directly following it.

Many thanks to Joseph Kubera for his interpretive guidance, and to Mary Jane Leach and Andrew Przystanski for making the manuscript available for this edition.

— Thomas Feng