New album of Silent Zone by Louise Alenius

New album of Silent Zone by Louise Alenius
© Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen

The recording of Silent Zone by Louise Alenius is now available. It was recorded amid the performances at the Malmö opera in 2023. 

Louise Alenius' chamber opera about taboos and silence within a nuclear family was received as both controversial, significant, and innovative when it premiered at the Copenhagen Opera Festival in 2017. That same year, Silent Zone received a number of music awards (including the Carl Prize, P2 Prize, and 3 Reumert nominations). The opera toured throughout Denmark and was reprised in 2018.

The release consists of 13 songs sung by the Mother, Father, and Son. In various ways, they revisit the family's shared past, where the Father's sexual abuse of the silent, broken Daughter, and the Mother's systematic silence, are the inevitable (yet difficult to access) focal points.

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