• Louise Alenius
  • Silent Zone (2017)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • perc.pf(cel).vn.va.vc.db
  • boys choir
  • S,Ct,B
  • 1 hr 10 min

Programme Note

Silent Zone depicts a family (with two adult children), that has stopped communicating because of a tabooed incident in the past. The daughter does not speak at all, and only reacts by beating on her own body og things around her. The parents only communicate with inner voices.

The adult son is the only member of the family who tries to reconstruct and understand, what happened in their childhood. He poses questions, but never gets any concrete answers. He stands alone, as the only ”normal” person in the family, with his wish to throw a light on the tabooed past.

Silent Zone is that place in our bodies where we store all the parts of our lives that we cannot or dare not confront. Silent Zone is a physical place, a place where all the incidents that are not verbalized have taken place. Silent Zone is a state of mind, where the systems (muscles, brain, feelings etc.) collapse and are all on ”stand by”.

The libretto is based on (freely interpreted) statements from a group of people, who know the taboo in its most extreme degree.

World premiere | Copenhagen Opera Festival July 30th - August 6th 2017



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