Bryce Dessner and Casco Phil

Bryce Dessner and Casco Phil
© Shervin Lainez

Casco Phil present two concert performances that mark the first-ever programme bringing together three concertos by Bryce Dessner: Trombone Concerto, St. Carolyn by the Sea and Concerto for Two Pianos.

The event concludes with the world premiere of a suite from the Complete Mountain Almanac: a song cycle from Norwegian singer-songwriter Rebekka Karijord for whom Jessica Dessner wrote the lyrics and Bryce orchestrated the arrangements.

March 16
Tivolivredenburg in Utrecht

March 17
DE SINGEL in Antwerp

Benjamin Haemhouts will lead Casco Phil alongside renowned soloists. Dessner will be performing on the guitar in St. Carolyn by the Sea, Jörgen van Reijen for the Trombone Concerto and the world-famous piano duo Katia and Marielle Labeque for Concerto for Two Pianos. Rebekka Karijord and the French singer-songwriter Pauline de Lasssus will join on vocals Complete Mountain Almanak.

Dessner – Trombone Concerto
Dessner – St. Carolyn by the Sea
Dessner – Concerto for two pianos
Karijord/Dessner – Complete Mountain Almanac (world premiere)

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