Excellent press response for Talbot’s opera Everest

Excellent press response for Talbot’s opera Everest

Everest is a musically stunning, cinematically thrilling opera- tenets long held by the art form, but updated here for a new generation, and updated brilliantly’

Lauren Smart – Dallas Observer

Joby Talbot’s first opera Everest, which premiered on Friday, has been welcomed and praised by its American audience. Lauren Smart,writing for the Dallas Observer, declared that Talbot’s 75 minute debut was ‘both intelligently crafted and easy to like.’ 

Based on true events, Everest documents the last moments of ill-fated climbers Rob Hall and Mark McCrary who tragically died in 1996 attempting to scale the world’s highest peak. Gene Scheer’s non-linear libretto in this Dallas production takes place upon the similarly fractured and somewhat surreal set of Robert Brill, also complimented in many reviews for its imposing presence upon a hugely dramatic opera.

'A resounding success, a genre-bending coup de théâtre'

Gregory Sullivan Isaacs - Theatre Jones

'A stirring score on top of a masterful libretto'

David Weuste – OperaPulse.com

Similarly Talbot’s score has already received great critical comment regarding its dramatic qualities. David Weuste’s review for Opera Pulse considers the score ‘stirring’, and the work itself ‘timeless’. Olin Chism, in the Star-Telegram, observed how Talbot’s score was ‘highly effective in creating an oppressive atmosphere’ worthy of the narrative’s disastrous conclusion. It is a score that is both ‘swimmingly melodic’ and able to ‘shriek with dissonance’ writes Smart.

‘It is easy to image Everest as a lasting work’

David Weuste – OperaPulse.com

Following the final curtain Twitter users were quick to lay praise on Talbot. ‘Stunning’, ‘electric’ and ‘a bout of brilliant storytelling’ were only some of the comments offered last week. 

Everest receives its final performance by the Dallas Opera company this Saturday February 7. To read reviews on the premiere in full follow the links below.

'The Dallas Opera scored a minor coup and a mighty one...rival's great legitimate theatre in its impact'

Olin Chism – Fort Worth Star-Telegram

'Gripping, edge of your seat story-telling, stunning, innovative...if you want to see where opera is headed in the 21st-century, don't miss this production.'

Catherine Womack - D Magazine


Olin Chism – Star-Telegram

David Weuste – Operapulse.com

Lauren Smart – Dallas Observer

Gregory Sullivan Isaacs – Theater Jones

Catherine Womack – D Magazine

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