Threshold of Night

Threshold of Night
Threshold of Night, a recording of new music for voices and strings by Tarik O’Regan featuring American choir Conspirare directed by Craig Hella Johnson, is released by Harmonia Mundi USA label on 8 September.

Written since his move to New York, the disc features the first recordings of several significant works, among them Triptych, the Edgar Allen Poe setting The Ecstasies Above and Threshold of Night, which won O’Regan his second British Composer Award in 2007.

“…significant and eminently worthy entries into the modern choral repertoire…” David Vernier, (Artistic Quality 10/10, Recording Quality 10/10), 12 August 2008

“…of unearthly beauty.” Jeff Simon, Buffalo News (New York), 3 August 2008

Released on disc on 8 September, the recording is already available for download from iTunes.

Listen to extracts

Please visit the Threshold of Night website for further details

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