Commissioned by the Bamberg Symphony. First performed by the Bamberg Symphony, conducted by Robert Trevino, on 26 January 2017 at the Heinrich-Lades-Halle, Erlangen.

  • 2(II:pic).2.2.2/
  • 5 min

Programme Note

Sunshine was written for the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, who wanted a piece scored for classical orchestra which they could take on tour, to play as an encore after any classical symphony in their repertoire. However, it was first to be heard (in January 2017) after a work for much larger forces: Tchaikovsky’s Manfred Symphony. I initially found it hard to imagine anything I might want to hear after that extraordinary piece, but one day a little woodwind dance started in my mind, with a singing violin line floating over the top, and I thought the combination of singing and dancing would offer a nice contrast to the high energy of many symphonic finales. It made me think of standing in a patch of sunlight, feeling warmth spread through my body, and a glow of happiness.