• Poul Ruders
  • Piano Quartet (2016)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • pf.vn.va.vc
  • 23 min
    • 3rd July 2024, Sorø Klosterkirke, Sorø, Denmark
    • 4th July 2024, Hindsgavl Slot, Middelfart, Denmark
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Programme Note

AWAKENING is the title of the first movement, giving the listener a hint of the nature of the music that is going to unfold over the following seven minutes. A fragile, lonely tune is presented in the piano, almost hesitantly so, then the violin joins in, followed by the viola, and when it´s the cello´s turn the music begins to open up, like the dewy petals of a flower welcoming the warmth of the rising sun at dawn. From there on the music takes off, soaring and with increasing intensity. The final bars, very soft and contemplative, make a sort of motto re-occurring at the close of each of the four movements.
The next movement INNOCENT is about evoking the sensation of innocence, in other words simplicity and the total absence of any "hidden agenda”. It´s a soft and gentle song unfolding with bated breath, so to speak.
In the third movement SPRIGHTLY the situation changes dramatically. The heat is turned up considerably and the music evolves in the form of a near-classical scherzo-rondo, literally a "jest which revolves around itself”. Leading directly without any break the final movement:
TRANSLUCENT, a relative or soul mate of the second movement. The music is less forward-aiming, as it were, rather it´s a statement of bell-like clarity (as suggested in the title), heralding the end of the day. The petals fold and close. It´s night again.

Poul Ruders, February 2016



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