• Sergei Prokofiev
  • Romeo and Juliet, Suite No. 1, Op. 64a (1936)

  • Schirmer Russian Music/Le Chant du Monde (World)

G Schirmer is the publisher of the work in the USA, Canada and Mexico only. Le Chant du Monde is the publisher of the work in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries.
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  • 3.3.3.tsx.34.2+cnt.3.1timp.perc.glockhp.cel.pfstr
  • 28 min
    • 23rd September 2020, Philharmonie Paris / France
    • 24th September 2020, Philharmonie Paris / Paris / France
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Programme Note

1. Folk dance
2. A scene (The street awakens)
3. Madrigal
4. Minuet (The arrival of the guests)
5. Masks (Romeo and Merutio masked)
6. Romeo and Juliet (The balcony scene)
7. The death of Tybalt

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