Shostakovich Centenary Update

Shostakovich Centenary Update
Naxos CD 8558188-89
© Naxos CD 8558188-89

DSCH, Moscow
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Naxos CD 8557812 Shostakovich’s Unfinished Quartet, dating from the early 1960s, is a substantial portion of what was initially meant to be the first movement of his Ninth String Quartet, but was set aside. Completed by composer Roman Ledenyov using the composer’s manuscripts, the movement (Allegretto, Eb Major) has now been published in a performing edition by DSCH. Already performed in Europe, the Unfinished Quartet awaits its American premiere.

Naxos marks the centenary with two new CDs. The Seattle Symphony and music director Gerard Schwarz hosted a Shostakovich birthday festival during which Naxos released Seattle’s recording of The Execution of Stepan Razin and October, along with the Five Fragments. Naxos has also produced the historic volume Dmitry Shostakovich: A Portrait. The 2-CD set is a collection of 26 tracks featuring the composer performing his own works, as well as an excerpt from a 1941 radio address.

Our rental library has acquired new performing materials from Symphonies 10 and 13, prepared by Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski.

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