The complete piano music of Naresh Sohal

The complete piano music of Naresh Sohal

A new album presenting the complete piano music of Naresh Sohal will be released April 7 on Toccata Classics.

Track listing
A Mirage (1974)
Chakra (1979)
Prayer (2006)
Tsunami (2007)
Piano Trio (1988)

Pianist Konstantinos Destounis – regarded as one of the most prominent Greek artists of his generation – performs the first 4 pieces; with Adrian Mantu, Cristina Anghelescu and Mark Troop performing the Piano Trio.


Pre-order now or purchase from 7 April


The British-based Naresh Sohal (1939 – 2018), born in Punjab, was the first person of Indian origin to make his mark as a composer of western classical music, writing works that displayed an usual kind of fusion – but not stylistic: his compositions often use the language of western modernism to explore the ideas of Hindu philosophy. The handful of piano pieces that he wrote between 1974 and his death in 2018 use musical analogies to address issues of perception, even existence itself, in a language that employs Xenakis-like extremes of dynamics and virtuosity, of clarity and density and of energy and calm.

Read a transcript compilation from interviews between Sohal and Suddhaseel Sen that took place in 2012 and 2014.

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