Miami City Ballet premieres 'The Source' featuring Julius Eastman's 'Femenine'

Miami City Ballet premieres 'The Source' featuring Julius Eastman's 'Femenine'
Miami City Ballet
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‘Femenine’ stomps, strides, and storms. — Alex Ross, The New Yorker


Choreographer Claudia Schreier’s second creation for Miami City Ballet, titled The Source, is anchored in the score of Femenine by Julius Eastman. MCB’s Music Director Gary Sheldon has crafted a Femenine Suite based on Eastman’s meditative, kaleidoscopic, and irresistible pulsating themes for the world premiere production. Exploring a human story about relativity, audiences should expect a rich and thoughtful journey from this collaboration between the “skilled and sophisticated” Schreier (The New York Times) and innovative director Adam Barish.

Schreier describes The Source:
On a foggy, cold morning in a remote harbor, eight strangers burdened by grief seek to rid themselves of their pain. Holding their anguish in the palms of their hands, they launch it into the distance — and the world suddenly rips in two. The strangers meet at the fracture, a spellbinding void that provides more questions than answers. Driven by longing and curiosity, the strangers cross the threshold into a universe that holds the roots of their grief. Together, they embark on an adventure to find and destroy these roots, hoping to bring an end to the source of their sorrow. At every turn, they are met by formidable, shapeshifting figures that seem to know the strangers better than they know themselves. Each of the figures communicates the same message: the only viable path is acceptance. The strangers fail to heed these warnings, and the consequences for continuing on their quest are severe. Drawn closer by their shared journey, this group of broken strangers becomes whole and, together, accepts their fate. They return to the harbor to move forward with their lives — and the cycle begins anew.


Learn more about Wild Up’s recent recording of Femenine on Pitchfork.

Miami City Ballet
Kravis Center | West Palm Beach, FL | April 29-May 1, 2022
Arsht Center | Miami, FL | May 6-8
Broward Center | Ft. Lauderdale, FL | May 21-22
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