New signing: Rune Glerup

New signing: Rune Glerup
© Caroline Bittencourt
We are happy to announce our signing at Edition Wilhelm Hansen of Danish composer Rune Glerup.

“Rune Glerup’s fastidious yet impulsive music springs from his eagerness to view matter and ideas from multiple perspectives. His works have been compared to objects a person can walk around, or mobiles suspended in the air that inevitably find their own equilibrium. The urge to hear the same sounds differently first led Glerup from his native Denmark to the European mainland. He immersed himself in the artistic life of Berlin and studied sound and electroacoustic music at IRCAM in Paris. Inspired by the philosophy of Alain Badiou, Glerup developed a distinctive view of music as a three-dimensional structure that bears a direct relationship to the space in which it is performed.” 
The words are from Andrew Mellor’s biography on the Wise Music Classical website, and describes some of the reasons why Glerup’s distinct musical voice is both a natural addition to the Wilhelm Hansen Catalogue and a new and exciting collaboration that will enhance our catalogue with works for Sinfonietta, Orchestras and Chamber ensembles with vibrant new sounds. 

Rune Glerup
“I am very happy that all my works are now published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen, and I look forward to collaborating on many new works in the future.”

Promotion Director Trine Boje Mortensen
“It is a great joy to represent Rune Glerup and his strong, sensitive and inventive music here at Edition Wilhelm Hansen. We are looking forward to the collaboration and to add another original and innovative voice to our composer catalogue”

Key Works

Dust Encapsulated #2 (2009)
– 11’
Small ensemble

Discover Rune Glerup’s music on his SoundCloud page and this Spotify Playlist