Premieres at KLANG festival

Premieres at KLANG festival

KLANG – Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival is filled with works by Edition Wilhelm Hansen composers.

Opening Concert, June 1

ALMÆNSK by composer Rune Glerup and playwriter Jokum Rohde will be premiered at the opening of KLANG festival with actress Signe Egholm Olsen and Athelas Sinfonietta.

Jokum Rohde describes the work:

I would describe Almænsk as an action drama about the fountain of youth, about the curse of immortality and the stranding of Western civilization at its own technological speed, cf. Virilio and the first law of dromology. In the end, Almænsk is another take on the fundamental questions: What is time? What is it to be mortal?


Nattens Vuggevise - Lullaby of the Night, June 5

Swedish chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO hightlights late Danish poet Inger Christensen at the festival.

The concert offers the Danish premiere of Britta Byström’s Alfabet based on texts by Christensen, together with Hans Abrahamsen’s Two Inger Christensen Songs.


Pelle Prize 2023, June 4

During the festival, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, KLANG festival and the heir of late composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen will award the Pelle Prize - for the 7th time - to a young composer whose talent dares to cross the norms of the time.
And - for the first time – the Pelle Prize will also be awarded to a musician with a focus on modern music.

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