Mark Adamo Cello Concerto Debuts Across the United States

Mark Adamo Cello Concerto Debuts Across the United States
Mark Adamo
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On November 4 in Berkeley, CA, cellist Jeffrey Zeigler leads New Century Chamber Orchestra in the world premiere performances of Last Year, a 2019 cello concerto by composer Mark Adamo. Co-commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra, New Century Chamber Orchestra, ROCO, and Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, the concerto’s four-movement narrative is a powerful artistic statement on the climate crisis.

“In 2018, I had listened — really listened — to a new-to-me recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. And I marveled: not only at the score’s vigor and clarity, but at its innocence, too — as it portrayed each season offering its own delights and terrors while still yielding, safely, to the next. The recording finished: I turned to the news and learned that — due to the latest in our series of once-in-a-lifetime-except-now-every-year storms — a hurricane had left the city of Houston nearly drowned. Vivaldi couldn’t write those scores today, I thought. But — if he were alive now, and knew what we know — what would he write? Last Year is my answer.” — Mark Adamo

Three more performances with Zeigler and New Century Chamber Orchestra take place around the Bay Area November 5-7. ROCO will present Last Year in Houston November 13, under the direction of Jeri Lynne Johnson and featuring their principal cellist Richard Belcher as soloist.

New Century Chamber Orchestra
November 4-7 2021
November 13

Adamo continues to stay active in the world of opera, with a new production of Becoming Santa Claus debuting at Chicago Opera Theatre December 11-19. Little Women will be seen in its UK debut this summer with Opera Holland Park and Pittsburgh Festival Opera will be releasing a version of Lysistrata created specifically for film later in 2022. This past summer, The Lord of Cries, his first opera with John Corigliano, premiered at Santa Fe Opera.

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