Christmas without Kancheli

Christmas without Kancheli
Giya Kancheli; photo by Sarah Ainslie

Life Without Christmas is a four-part cycle of devotional works by Georgian composer Giya Kancheli, who passed away on October 2, 2019 at the age of 84, in Tblisi. With the year's end approaching and seasonal music in the air, we remember Kancheli's somber and spiritual meditations on life, death, and the mysteries enshrouding both.

Life Without Christmas – Morning Prayers (Morgengbete) (1990) 24 minutes
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Life Without Christmas – Midday Prayers (Tagesgebete) (1991) 24 minutes
Boy Soprano + solo clarinet, 0+pic.1.0.0+cbn/1231/3perc/hpd(cel)/bgtr/str(
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Life Without Christmas – Evening Prayers (Abendgebete) (1991) 27 minutes
8 Altos, afl(pic).1.0.0/1221/3perc,pf(hpd).bgtr/str (
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Life Without Christmas – Night Prayers (1992) 23 minutes
Soprano Saxophone, str.tape
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Silent Prayer (Stilles Gebet) (2007) 24 minutes
Violin + Cello + Bass Guitar + Vibraphone, str.tape
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Chorus and Orchestra
Dixi (2009) 22 Minutes
SATB Chorus
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Symphony No. 7 – Epilogue (1986) 31 minutes
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Read obituaries for Kancheli at The Guardian and NPR.

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