The Piano – Live in concert at the Barbican

The Piano – Live in concert at the Barbican

On Tuesday February 26 the world premiere of a special screening of the 1993 Academy-Award-winning Jane Campion film 'The Piano' will be presented live to the renowned score by Michael Nyman by members of the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Don't miss this chance to experience the film in a new, engrossing way, back on the big screen, with live orchestra...


Winner of three Academy Awards (Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay), Campion’s 'The Piano' has been widely hailed as a masterpiece since it was first released 25 years ago.

Michael Nyman’s original music for 'The Piano' remains one of the most popular soundtracks ever written for the screen; a huge hit at the time, the recording sold millions around the world, the sheet music continues to sell in unusual quantities, and the main themes from the film continue to be performed and recorded by major artists.

Ada (Holly Hunter) is a mute Scot, sold into marriage to a New Zealand frontiersman (Sam Neill), who arrives with her young daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) and beloved piano. Ada hasn’t spoken since she was six, expressing herself through her piano playing and with sign language interpreted by Flora. Forced to sell the piano, Ada is made an offer by a local, Baines (Harvey Keitel) – to buy it back, one key at a time, in exchange for personal favours that get more intense and intimate as the two become entwined in a love affair that puts them both, and the piano, in danger.

The Piano – Live in Concert is produced by the Barbican in association with Big Screen Live and licensed by StudioCanal.

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With more than thirty tracks included, it is an overview of his oeuvre, including his film music, symphonies, concerti and concert music.

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View more than seventy of Michael Nyman's scores online here, including The Piano Concerto and The Piano: Concert Suite.

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