Revival of Michael Nyman’s DGV at the Royal Ballet

Revival of Michael Nyman’s DGV at the Royal Ballet
© Francesco Guidicini

Royal Ballet Artistic Associate Christopher Wheeldon’s energetic DGV: Danse à Grande Vitesse, created for The Royal Ballet in 2006, is a mesmerising blend of movement and metaphor set to the compelling score MGV: Musique à Grande Vitesse by Michael Nyman. The Royal Ballet will showcase DVG between 24 March–7 April from London’s Royal Opera House.

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The score was composed to commemorate the 1993 inauguration of the north European line of the French train à grande vitesse, more commonly known as the TGV.

The Times said of the DVG ballet performance “Cool mystery is the mood of Wheeldon's plotless DGV, set to Michael Nyman's dynamic score. The ballet is distinguished by its sense of novelty and journey, by its dazzling aqueous imagery, its vibrant, large ensemble (26 dancers in all) and its altered perception of time and space

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