NYman with a Movie Camera

NYman with a Movie Camera

The UK premiere of NYman With A Movie Camera, a feature film by Michael Nyman, screened with a live performance of his score by the Michael Nyman Band.

The film presents a shot-by-shot reconstruction of Dziga Vertov’s iconic film, Man with a Movie Camera, replacing the original sequences with footage from Michael Nyman’s own film archives shot over the last two decades.

This project is coupled with the critically acclaimed song cycle The Glare, which features the Band and soul singer David McAlmont. For this project, McAlmont has written new songs based on contemporary news stories over pre-existing Nyman compositions. McAlmont’s subject matter explores pertinent subjects as varied as 21st century piracy, reality television and banking errors. The result is The Glare, a startling, beautiful and extraordinary record.

SUNDAY 17 OCTOBER 2010 – 7:30pm
Barbican Centre
Silk Street

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