Horovitz - new release

Horovitz - new release
Dutton Epoch has released a new CD of concertos by Joseph Horovitz, which includes two Novello works: the Euphonium Concerto and the Jazz Concerto . The Euphonium Concerto, commissioned by the National Brass Band Championships in 1972, was probably the first-ever concerto for the instrument and has become a classic of the euphonium repertoire. There are already twelve recordings of the work, including three with Steven Mead, who plays it here in its orchestral version.
David Owen Norris is the pianist for the Jazz Concerto, which was premiered by George Malcolm on harpsichord at the Camden Festival in 1966. The work won a prize at the 1966 International Festival for Musica Ritmo-Sinfonica, Cava de Tirreni, Italy, and featured in the 2002 Festival, when Horovitz was awarded the Nino Rota Prize.
Both concertos are accompanied by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by the composer.

The disc is available to buy from www.duttonvocalion.co.uk

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