America at 250: Independent Repertoire

America at 250: Independent Repertoire

In 2026, the United States of America will celebrate the 250th anniversary of becoming an independent nation. The moment offers a chance to reflect on the evolution of our culture and identity, looking toward our future with an understanding of our past. To mark this historic event, Wise Music Group is pleased to present a selection of symphonic and large ensemble music that engages with our national heritage.

The motivations and viewpoints of these composers are myriad. Some works are celebratory, while others are ruminative. Many commemorate injustices in our past, engage with the complexities of our present, or comment on the challenges ahead. Still more celebrate American musical traditions, literary icons, and breathtaking landscapes. We hope this lively sonic picture of our national legacy is useful in finding ways to recognize this milestone anniversary — to honor what should be honored, remember what should be remembered, and envision a vibrant, just, and beautiful future together.

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