• David Blake
  • Change is Going to Come (1982)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • cltptpfva
  • SATB
  • 18 min
  • David Blake
  • Black South African poets

Programme Note

Cantata in homage to Nelson Mandela for mezzo-soprano, baritone, speaker, clarinet, trumpet, viola and piano
Text by African poets and including a statement in court by Nelson Mandela in 1962.

Earlier this year I was invited to write a work for the 70th Anniversary Celebration Concert by the African National Congress, an organisation with which I am very happy to be associated. I offer this Cantata as a tribute to a great man and as a modest contribution to a great cause. I warmly thank the distinguished musicians for generously giving their services.

This then is our choice and task
Change is going to come
Yes Mandela we shall be moved and move

We emerge to prove again life cannot be enslaved
In chains or imprisoned on an island inferno
We emerge to stand life on her multiple feet
Across the face of the earth

© David Blake