• Bernhard Gander
  • Melting Pot (2010)
    (for 2 rap-groups, DJ, slam poet, 2 beat boxer, breakdancer and orchestra)

  • Henry Litolff’s Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (World)
  • 3speaker,dancer,2btbxr,electronics + 4.3+ca.2+bcl+cbcl.3+cbn.tsx.barsx/
  • Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Dancer, Beatboxer, Beatboxer, Electronics
  • 51 min
    • 15th June 2024, 8pm Carlswerk Victoria, Köln, Germany
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Programme Note

With his work "Melting Pot", Bernhard Gander unites two worlds: a large orchestra meets rap, DJ, poetry slam, beatboxing and breakdance. Each genre retains its own sound, but is staged in a new way and given previously unknown freedom. The topics dealt with are of concern to the city - the local soloists express what moves Cologne. Melting pot brings cultures and people together, overcoming borders and roles.
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