• 9 min
    • 29th July 2024, Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom
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Programme Note

Aditus (lat. approach, entry, entrance, audience, beginning)

is a kind of overture, a 6-minute concertante opening piece. It is based on the chromatic scale, which is gradually extended as the piece progresses and juxtaposed with another series; this is characterised by the interval sequence 1112336332 (1 = semitone, 2 = whole tone, 3 = minor third etc.). The initial impulse comes from the brass and tubular bells, but it is undermined three times by an iridescent string carpet. Only then can an ‘active’ rhythm assert itself. The rhythmic section builds to a climax using multi-tonal harmonies before dissolving into a colourful spectrum of sound.

(Erkki-Sven Tüür)