• Emily Howard
  • Solar (2010)
    (for orchestra)

  • Peters Edition Limited (World)

Commissioned by London Symphony Orchestra as part of UBS Soundscapes: Pioneers

First performed on 10th November 2010 by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Collon at the Barbican Hall, London

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  • 5 min 30 s

Programme Note


Often I find inspiration in nature and science, and especially in the history and myths associated with scientific phenomena. Magnetic forces are of great interest to me and in many of my works, musical material behaves as though it is being attracted and/or repelled by magnets.

‘Solar’ can be defined as ‘of or having to do with the sun’ and, in this short work, I wanted to create a musical image of our sun, our life-force. I have tried to encapsulate the sun’s strong solar magnetic field as well as its status as an object of devotion in cultures throughout human history, in music that is often bursting with energy on the surface, but always with a slow-burning and intense core.

Emily Howard, 2010



Solar recorded by RLPO and Andrew Gourlay (NMC)