• Jonathan Dove
  • Dawn, Still Darkness (1998)
    (Refugeeʼs Aria from “Flight”)

  • Peters Edition Limited (World)
  • Ct + 2(2pic).2(II:ca).2(II:bcl).2(II:cbn)/
  • Ct + pf
  • Countertenor
  • 6 min 30 s
  • April de Angelis
  • English

Programme Note

Taken from Flight – Jonathan Dove and April de Angelis’s superb original modern-day operatic comedy – Dawn, Still Darkness is an aria for countertenor telling of a refugee's longing to be reunited with his brother. Also known as the Refugee's Aria, Dawn, Still Darkness is now available separately for countertenor and piano for the first time.

The opera, Flight has had many different productions to date across the world and tells the story of a refugee who lives in an airport – inspired by the true-life story of an Iranian refugee who lived at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, for 18 years – as dramas unfold around characters who find themselves delayed in the terminal.

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