• Lil Lacy
  • Morild (2023)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Commissioned by Randers Chamber Orchestra

Commissioner exclusivity applies

  • fl.ob.cl.bn/hn/vl.va.db
  • 12 min
    • 28th February 2024, Værkets Koncertsal, Randers, Denmark
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Programme Note

The piece Morild, written for Randers Kammerorkester, is inspired by this magical phenomenon of mareel, as well as the history of female artists across all genres, cultures, times and places, that have struggled to be able to live as artists with the expectation of also being the caretaker of a family, not being too outspoken, take too much space, attention, have too many opinions, etc. The fire, energy and effort it has demanded through history for these people to insist on their passion in combination with, or rebellion against, their time and culture, just because of their sex, is never to forget, diminish or oversee. Times are changing, step by step.

The piece is dedicated to my sister Agnete Bertram, a beautiful human being; an immensely inspiring, sensitive and powerful visual artist and mother of four.

Lil Lacy, 2023


About Mareel / Morild

Mareel (Morild in Danish) is the nature phenomenon where the ocean seems to glow at night as phosphorescence on the ocean, also called sea sparkle.

Mareel is typically caused by Noctiluca scintillans, a dinoflagellate that glows when disturbed and is found in oceans throughout much of the world.

When the phenomenon can occur over larger areas it is called Milky Sea: A bioluminescent phenomenon observable on moonless nights, caused by luminous plankton and bacteria, where the sea becomes milky white with a slight glow allowing one to see one's ship. The sea shines from horizon to horizon like a field of fresh snow (when only the surface layers shine) or a cloud (when deeper layers also shine). The phenomenon occurs most often in the Indian Ocean and off Indonesia; and does not require disruption to start shining.