• Lil Lacy
  • Di drømm dæ bringe vos sammel (2023)
    (The Dreams that bring us together)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Commissioned by Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester

  • 3(afl:pic).3[=ca].2(bcl).2/4.3.3[=btbn].1/1timp.1perc./1hp/str.
  • 10 min 10 s

Programme Note

The title Di drømm dæ bringe vos sammel  – is in the dialect of Alsisk.
It means 'Drømmene der bringer os sammen' in Danish or 'The dreams that bring us together' in English.

The piece is inspired by the landscape, memories and history of the South of Jutland.

The Danish family of composer Lil Lacy originates from the port city Augustenborg that is situated on the island of Als in South Jutland. Hereby inspirations derive from childhood memories of the generous and mild nature, the warmhearted people; their connectedness, strong traditions and many dialects – and their shared pride of the traditions, local songs, melodies, and the beloved poetry of Martin N. Hansen as well as the ever-resonating echo of the Second World War that affected the Southern part of Denmark and the people here especially hard.

The ability to connect people and to share dreams and visions of a better world with the dignity and respect of the individual, is celebrated in this piece – inspired by the history and memories, hopes and dreams for the future of the people in the South of Jutland.


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