• Gabriela Lena Frank
  • El último sueño de Frida y Diego (The Last Dream of Frida and Diego) (2021)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

Commissioned by the Fort Worth Opera, San Diego Opera, San Francisco Opera, and DePauw University School of Music, with generous support from the University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts

Unavailable for performance.

  • S,Mz,Ct,Bar + SSAATTBB; 2(I:pic,afl.II:pic).2.2(II:bcl).2(II:cbn)/[=syn]).hp/str
  • SSAATTBB chorus
  • Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Countertenor, Baritone
  • 2 hr
    • 29th October 2022, San Diego Civic Theater, San Diego, CA, United States of America
    • 29th October 2022, San Diego Civic Center, San Diego , CA, United States of America
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Programme Note

This opera will premiere in Autumn 2022.

   CATRINA: Soprano
   FRIDA: Mezzo-soprano
   DIEGO: Baritone
   LEONARDO: Countertenor
   Various Roles: 3 soloists from chorus

Set in 1957, the opera opens in a cemetery, as Mexico celebrates the annual festival of El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The great muralist Diego Rivera walks among the worshipers as they prepare for the return of the spirits to the world, singing with joy and anticipation. Surrounded by sugar-coated skulls, candles, and fragrant marigold flowers, he longs to see his deceased lover Frida Kahlo once again before he passes on.

In the afterlife, Catrina, the keeper of the souls, approaches Frida, and explains that Diego desperately needs his beloved angel as the seed of death quickly sprouts within him. Moved by the desires of the departed souls she encounters around her, Frida reluctantly agrees to join him in the world above, with the knowledge that the dead can never touch the living. For only twenty-four hours, Frida and Diego will relive their tumultuous love through their paintings, embracing the passion they shared and the pain they inflicted upon one other.