• Cary Ratcliff
  • Ode to Common Things (for chorus and piano) (1996)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • pf
  • Pablo Neruda
  • Spanish

Programme Note

Pablo Neruda

1. Oda a las Cosas [10:22]
2. Oda a la Cama [5:25]
3. Oda a la Guitarra [12:45]
4. Oda a las Tijeras [5:40]
5. Oda al Pan [12:24]

Cary Ratcliff's charming and refreshing oratorio Ode to Common Things is set to poetry by Chilean writer Pablo Neruda, who, over the course of his life, wrote odes to ordinary, everyday objects, five of which were chosen for the Ratcliff setting. Starting with the percussive “Ode to Things,” the music sweeps through many moods, moving into a deep and emotional “Ode to the Bed” and the reflective “Ode to the Guitar.” The final two movements, “Ode to Scissors” and “Ode to Bread” complete the connection to everyday life. For SATB divisi chorus, soloists, with piano reduction. Orchestra or ensemble accompaniments available on rental.

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