• Nico Muhly
  • Confessions (2008)

  • Arlo&Betty/St. Rose Music (World)

All baroque instruments at a=415

  • hpd/str(
  • Voice, Soprano Recorder, Archlute
  • 40 min
  • Teitur Lassen
  • English

Programme Note

Confessions is an engagingly eccentric set of songs inspired by mundane YouTube videos, envisioned by composer Nico Muhly and singer-songwriter Teitur.

Teitur, a European pop-folk household name hailing from the Faroe Islands, and Nico Muhly, critically acclaimed American classical composer, created and now perform their 14 songs of “bottomless charm” with baroque orchestra.

On Baroque music, Muhly says, “The distance between contemporary listening and Baroque music is one of the most heartbreaking and interesting things… Baroque musicians aren’t accustomed to the sorts of rhythms attendant to contemporary music, and that brought another interesting tension to the project.”



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