G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by Ruth and Thomas Martin for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.

    • Libretto by G. Giacosa and Luigi Illica. English translation by Ruth and Thomas Martin.
    • English, Italian

    Programme Note

    Cast List:
       RODOLFO, a poet: Tenor
       SCHAUNARD, a musician: Baritone
       BENOIT, a landlord: Bass
       MIMI: Soprano
       PARPIGNOL: Tenor
       MARCELLO, a painter: Baritone
       COLLINE, a philosopher: Bass
       ALCINDORO, a councillor of state: Bass
       MUSETTA: Soprano
       Townspeople, Soldiers, Servants, Children, Boys and Girls, Working Girls, Gendarmes, etc.

    Four penniless artists share a draughty attic in early nineteenth-century Paris. The poet Rodolfo meets and falls in love with his neighbour Mimì, while the painter Marcello is reunited with his gregarious but kind-hearted ex-girlfriend Musetta. However the path of true love fails to run smoothly: Marcello’s jealousy and Rodolfo’s obsessive concern cause the relationships to end. Many months later, Musetta bursts unexpectedly into the attic with the news that Mimì, dying of consumption, is downstairs but too weak to come up. They carry her up the stairs and try to save her, but it is too late.