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  • SATB Choir
  • Soprano, Alto, Mezzo soprano, Baritone, Bass; Narrator, tap dancer and dancers
  • 1 hr 50 min

Programme Note

The Best of the Sacred Concerts is taken from the three Sacred Concerts that Duke Ellington wrote between 1965 and 1973. Most of the selections are from the Second Sacred Concert, the most popular of the three works. The sources used to create this edition include recorded performances by Ellington’s band as well as printed music provided by Tempo Music. Our goal, above all, was to present this music in a form that accurately reflects what Ellington wrote. The movements of The Best of the Sacred Concerts can be performed individually.

1. In the Beginning God
2. Will You Be There?
3. Ain’t But the One
4. Tell Me It’s the Truth
5. Heaven
6. Something ’Bout Believing
7. Praise God
8. Father Forgive
9. The Lord’s Prayer
10. The Shepherd
11. David Danced
12. Almighty God
13. Come Sunday
14. My Love
15. Freedom
16. Meditation
17. Praise God and Dance
18. Praise God and Dance (encore


Volume I
Volume II