• John Corigliano
  • Gazebo Dances (for piano, four-hands) (1972)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • pf, 4-hands
  • 15 min

Programme Note

Gazebo Dances was originally written as a set of four-hand pieces dedicated to certain of my pianist friends. I later arranged the suite for orchestra and for concert band, and it is from the latter version that the title is drawn. The title Gazebo Dances was suggested by the pavilions often seen on village greens in towns throughout the countryside, where public band concerts were given on summer evenings. The delights of that sort of entertainment are portrayed in this set of dances, which begins with a Rossini-like Overture, followed by a rather peg-legged Waltz, a long-lined Adagio and a bouncy Tarantella.

Each movement was given a dedication which are as follows:
I- for Rose Corigliano and Etta Feinberg
II- for John Ardoin
III- for Heida Hermanns
IV- for Jack Romann and Christian Steiner

— John Corigliano

A relevant program note is available on the Gazebo Dances (for Orchestra) page.



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