• 4444/4442/6perc/hp.2pf/eorg/bgtr/str(
  • 2 choirs (Children's & mixed)
  • Soprano
  • 20 min

Programme Note

I had a need to monitor my experience of the distance and the connection between 'I morti' from 1930 and 'Alle fronde dei salici' from the end of the war. The restrained and crystalline images in 'I morti', with its white skies and silence are shattered by the violence and the impassioned cry as to how we can sing 'with a foreign foot on our heart'. The paths between the quiet poetry and the crass, almost journalistic account wind through a landscape filled with echoes...the landscape and the events melt together into images one remembers without having actually experienced them.

- Arne Nordheim

Karl-Birger Blomdahl in memoriam


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