• Ole Buck
  • Fairies (1972)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • Soprano
  • 20 min

Programme Note

For soprano and orchestra

Spring goes summer comes
The world is very old
But year by year it groweth new again
The larks sing on high
Sing a song of larch-trees
The fairies sing
Singing song aloft
Sow the seed upon the earth
Round whose feet
Among the harebells and the grass
The little darling spring has run away
Through the meadowland
Sunshine grew too hot for here to stay
Living plants shall spring to birth
A thousand fairies flock with blossom sweet
The grass is green as green can be
On the back where the grass is long
Upon the grassy hillside and hillrow it grows
Where the grass is damp and green
Grass green and soft
And all the fairies dancing
By every grassy way
With dance and song
From the thick and tangled grass
Till daybreaks wakens cold and gray
And lightly float away
Climbing towards the sky
The heavens are high
Clear blue are the skies
Where I my honey-trumpets blow
O woodbine scenting all the air
The primrose opens wide in spring
Sprinkling the sky
But to the grasshoppers chirping sound
The land is full of happy birds
The sunny open hilltop wide and free
The air is sweet with breezes from the sea
O magic sight the hedge s white
In sunny lane and wood
The windflowers white
No fairer sight, no purer white
The wildwood with light
Here I dance in a dress like flames like dress in a dance
O bells on stems so thine and fine
Hundred thousand bells of blue
No human ear your sound can hear
Dark stand the pinewood
Elfin music fades away
Where the shallow streams are flowing
When dim and dewy twilight falls
The orchards are ringing with voices a singing
The whole night long
For fairy feast and fairy ball
Stars without numbers
Starlike they sprinkle
To welcome the sun
And summer groweth old
The wheat turning yellow
Luck go with you and travelers joy
Luck be with you and travelers joy

The text is a cut-up by the composer after Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies Book


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