• Ole Buck
  • A Tree (1996)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • 12 min

Programme Note

A tree – the single tree – symbolizes a lot of things in this world, indeed, outside of this world as well: development, growth, the modern and the traditional. The roots are the tradition, the outer twigs are the modern, and more too: you begin where your roots are – the tonal, the trunk is where the growth takes place – the development, where you rise up mentally, the branches and twigs are all the new ideas, and the products - the fruits and where the blossom takes place, are knowledge and insight.

Not for nothing, the tree – the single tree – represents a dimension in time where time is creating, where the very process of time is creating. Of course, this idea could be dragged out to a large scale, regarding the temporal aspect, represented in a work 1 to 1. I, however, have chosen to concentrate the course of events so they make up a primordial form or a form where the various sections contain that which is to come, because they also contain the previous in a compressed or concentrated guise. Ultimately, as it gradually becomes more critical, the tree seems to come into leaf. Here it ends, but a lot of my pieces appear to be the first part of a work that could continue in another movement, which is a consequence of the first.