• Poul Ruders
  • Credo (1996)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • str
  • 2 Violins, Clarinet
  • 4 min

Programme Note

For clarinet i Bb, 2 violins and small string orchestra


Written at the invitation of violinist Edna Mitchell and in celebration of the 80th birthday of Yehudi Menuhin and a contribution in music to beauty, compassion and spirituality in an age so sadly marred by the rush for material gain and mindless suffering.

The word credo, “I belive”, is known to us all from the third main section of the Latin Mass “Ordinarium Missae”. This present piece reflects the composer’s belief in the power of the universal language of music to bring not only consolation but also hope and spiritual strength. Credo, composed at the invitation of violinist Edna Mitchell, is my hommage to the towering personality and life-long work of Yehudi Menuhin, master musician and giant in the struggle for international harmony. A hommage to the most soaring of minds in the most turbulent of times.