• Poul Ruders
  • Cha Cha Cha (1981)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • perc
  • 15 min

Programme Note

A one man show for Jan Williams

This piece makes the final part of a trilogy of compositions all dealing with Latin American rhythms and percussion-instruments. The two other pieces are: Wind-Drumming for perc.-quartet and wind-quintet, and Carnival for electric alto-flute and foot-bongos (one player).

As to this present piece, the “red thread” rhythm is that of the classic Cuban “cha-cha-cha”, but otherwise the piece can easily be considered a veritable merry-go-round of exciting Latin American rhythm-patterns: sambas, Baiao, Calypso, Mambo, Afro-Cuban 6/8 a.s.o.

It’s a one man show, however, and as such a tricky thing to do; exhausting and a real “toughy”. I should like the “one man” to include the “sweating of hard labour” in the performance as a clear theatrical element: to enter on stage, elegantly dressed up in a white tuxedo and crimson bow-tie, and then, after the performance, almost flee from the horrible drum-kit to the bow-wowing noise of the cuica.

- Poul Ruders