• Poul Ruders
  • Wind-Drumming (1979)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, 4perc
  • 12 min

Programme Note

Wind-Drumming was written in 1979 on a commission from The Danish Percussion Ensemble.

The piece is a clash of two kinds of sound-associations; the mystic, exotic impact of Latin-American drumming, and the more well dressed reputation of Western concert-instruments, in this case a wind-quintet (w. electric flute).

The two instrumental camps either melt into one soft humming ritual or are split wide apart, the winds tearing their way through the undergrowth of rainforest-drumming. There is more than one way of getting on to Wind-Drumming: obviously it is about the confrontation of two incongruent ways of living, a lament on the damage done to the tropical rainforests of the world by modern civilisation. One can hear it plainly as a direct rhythm-show, a downright number or a joyous homage to the most exiting kind of folkloristic music at all: the carnal spell of the Brazilian Samba.

- Poul Ruders


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