Augusta Read Thomas Heads the AMC

Augusta Read Thomas Heads the AMC
Augusta Read Thomas
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Augusta Read Thomas has been named Chair of the American Music Center's Board of Directors. Joanne Cossa, the AMC's Executive director enthuses, "Augusta Thomas is one of the most dynamic individuals I know. The amount of energy she brings to the table is simply astonishing, and I have no doubt that she will be a great advocate for the organization and for the field at large." Thomas is the first woman to serve in this capacity in the AMC's 66-year history.

"I am thrilled to have this opportunity to serve the new music community," Thomas shares. She began the three-year term in July and sees her role as promoting inter- dependence among the disparate organizations within the new music and larger arts communities. "...It makes sense for organizations like ours to figure out how to work together most effectively so that we can collectively make the greatest possible impact...It's important to provide a broad base of support to composers and the field of new music, so that we offer every opportunity for great art to emerge."

Thomas's commitment to new and American music is evidenced by an oft-performed catalogue of works in every genre; her nine-year term as the Chicago Symphony's Mead Composer- in-Residence, and dedicated professorships at Eastman School of Music and Northwestern University. Her next world premiere comes in February 2006, as David Loebel and the Memphis Symphony present their 75th anniversary commissioned work: Shakin': Homage to Stravinsky and Elvis.

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