New CD of Mischa Spoliansky’s Orchestral Music

New CD of Mischa Spoliansky’s Orchestral Music
Album Cover Mischa Spoliansky: Orchestral Music

A new album of orchestral music from Mischa Spoliansky released on April 1, 2022 includes the first recording of his Symphony in Five Movements and Boogie published by Novello & Co Ltd as well as his My Husband and I Overture.

Listen to the album here

Boogie is a witty, tongue-in-cheek piece of orchestral jazz and his Symphony in Five Movements, the only symphony he composed, is an epic statement composed over a period of nearly three decades, that constitutes his real achievement as an orchestral composer – the fourth of its five movements apparently offering Spoliansky’s own musical commentary on the Holocaust.

Along with these new recordings, the study scores of Boogie and Symphony in Five Movements are now available from Hal Leonard.

Boogie UK | Europe | USA
Symphony in Five Movements UK | Europe | USA

The album was recorded in November 2021 in the Great Amber Concert Hall, Liepāja, Latvia by Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, lead by Paul Mann.

The Russian-born Spoliansky (1898—1985) became one of the major names in cabaret in 1920s Berlin and then, as a refugee from Nazi Germany, in London, he became one of the best-known composers of film scores. He also wrote a handful of orchestral works, which have remained unknown until now.


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