Wise Music Classical Composer Anniversaries

Wise Music Classical Composer Anniversaries
© Jean-Francois Leclercq - Henri Dutilleux / ©Maarit Kytöharju - Kaija Saariaho / ©Jim Ball - Philip Glass / ©Donald Lee - John Luther Adams / ©Benjamin Ealovega - Judith Weir / ©Deborah O'Grady - John Adams / ©Lars Skaaning - Per Nørgård / ©Lars Skaaning - Hans Abrahamsen

There is such a wealth of music in the Wise Music Classical catalogue. One way to dive into it for listening, programming and enjoyment is to celebrate the composers’ catalogues.

The upcoming seasons give us good cause to celebrate many of our composers who will be celebrating anniversaries of different kinds. Here we focus on a few that will fit well in to orchestral and opera programmes.

At each link below you will find detailed information, playlists, digital scores and more, focusing on each composer.

Judith Weir
will be 70 in 2024. At the heart of her varied output lies her operas.

John Luther Adams reaches 70 in January 2023.
His unique musical world is grounded in space, stillness, and elemental forces winning him a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy Award.

Kaija Saariaho will also be 70 in 2022. The simultaneously cool and intense colours of her orchestral works and her operas are in focus here.

Hans Abrahamsen is 70 in 2022. Abrahamsen has written music in many genres, and a look into his orchestral works and chamber music can be found here.

John Adams will mark his 75th birthday in 2022, and we are proud to represent some of his inspirational works.

Philip Glass will be 85 in 2022. His music is found in films, opera houses, concert halls and at festivals all over the world. Read more about his works and their impact here.

Per Nørgård will be 90 in 2022. His works range from solo works to grand opera. Read more and listen to his golden sound world here.

Henri Dutilleux, the influential and beloved French composer lived from 1916-2013. In 2023 it will be 10 years since his death and a good reason to explore and listen to his works.

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