Revisiting the Past: Classics arranged for ensemble

Revisiting the Past: Classics arranged for ensemble
Katsushika Hokusai / Wikimedia Commons

Explore a selection of works composed over the course of nearly 500 years and arranged for chamber groups and large ensemble by modern-day composers. From Renaissance choral music and Baroque keyboard works to Romantic symphonies and pioneering scores of the early twentieth century, each reimagining remains true to its original whilst simultaneously offering fresh perspectives on a familiar work.

Highlights include Hans Abrahamsen’s orchestrations of Bach, Nielsen and Schoenberg, Dmitry Sitkovetsky’s string arrangement of the Goldberg Variations, Nico Muhly’s homages to Byrd, Dowland and Gibbons, Henrik Hellstenius' take on Schumann's Dichterliebe, and reduced orchestrations of symphonies by Lutosławski, Mahler and Nielsen, not to mention Debussy’s La Mer.

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