Eivind Buene • World Premiere and Album Release

Eivind Buene • World Premiere and Album Release
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Violin Concerto (World Premiere)
Norwegian composer Eivind Buene has developed an extreme sensitivity to musical tradition, which is also manifest in his new Violin Concerto. The title of the third movement, Among Voices of the Dead, not only evokes an atmosphere of loss and decay, but also suggests the presence of musical traits from the past. Material from J.S. Bach’s chorale Es ist Genug figures prominently in the movement, the same melody is used by Alban Berg in his Violin Concerto from 1935 and Eivind Buene makes references to this work throughout his own concerto. The Violin Concerto is dedicated to soloist Peter Herresthal, who will premiere the work on November 9, together with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ingar Bergby.

Album Release: Garland
On November 7 the label Aurora releases a new CD with music by Eivind Buene.
Eivind Buene’s explorations of dialogues between modernist idioms and tradition can also be heard on the new album ”Garland”. Langsam und Schmachtend for string orchestra derives its title from the tempo indication in the prelude to Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, whose passionate melodies and moments of harmonic tension Eivind Buene enlarges and transforms into a meditation-like state of suspended moments.
In the orchestral piece Garland (for Matthew Locke), it is the English tradition of consort music that is taken as the point of departure. Garland is based on the three slow introductions in Matthew Locke's Consort of Four parts, and although the material is sometimes warped far beyond the point of recognition, some residue remains – be it in the rythmic phrasing, the melodic contour or the harmonic content.

Eivind Buene | Garland
Label: Aurora
Garland (for Matthew Locke)
Langsam und Schmachtend
Stilleben (for Lauren Hartke)
Performed by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Terje Tønnesen.

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