World Premieres | Britta Byström

World Premieres | Britta Byström
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In October The Swedish Radio highligts the music of 40-year old Britta Byström featuring two world premieres, Diagonal Musik for horn trio and the double concerto Infinite Rooms.

Britta Byström is one of Sweden’s most renowned composers writing in a variety of genres encompassing both chamber music and orchestral pieces as displayed in her concert calendar. Her style is characterised by transparent, dreamlike textures and a delicate, almost impressionistic instrumentation.

The main focus of Britta Byström’s compositional output is for orchestra, and the new piece Infinite Rooms is no exception: it is a double concerto for violin and double bass, featuring Malin Broman and Rick Stotijn as soloists. The evocative title is a hallmark of Britta, who likes to make room for poetic associations with titles such as Yankadi (an African dance) and Segelnde Stadt (City of Sails) – two orchestral pieces that will be performed this month.

2017 has been an incredibly intense year for Britta Byström, and 2018 seems to be just as busy starting off with the world premiere of Many, yet one on January 6. Britta Byström has dedicated the work to Detroit Symphony Orchestra in return of receiving the Elaine Lebenbom Memorial Award back in 2015.

Upcoming performances
11 OCT 2017 | Diagonal Musik (World Premiere) | Stockholm, Sweden

19 OCT 2017 | Yankadi | Gävle, Sweden

20 & 21 OCT 2017 | Infinite Rooms (World Premiere) | Stockholm, Sweden

26 & 27 OCT 2017 | Segelnde Stadt | Stockholm, Sweden

06 JAN 2018 | Many, Yet One (World Premiere) | Detroit, USA

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