Dallas Opera releases Mark Adamo’s 'Becoming Santa Claus' on DVD/Blu-ray

Dallas Opera releases Mark Adamo’s 'Becoming Santa Claus' on DVD/Blu-ray
Karen Almond, Dallas Opera
A surprisingly fresh and welcome holiday treat.
Drew Jackson, Dallas Edge
Announcing The Dallas Opera's world-wide DVD and Blu-ray release of Mark Adamo's latest critically acclaimed operatic tour-de-force, Becoming Santa Claus. Available starting September 15 for purchase exclusively through CD Baby, Becoming Santa Claus will inspire you to gather the family around your biggest screen and experience a fresh, joyful, holiday-themed tale, brought to life in this sparkling production by director Paul Curran and designer Gary McCann.*

Becoming Santa Claus, from the composer of Little Women, imagines how a spoiled Elf-Prince who values presents over "presence" might have matured into that icon of generosity we know today as Santa Claus. Both the music and libretto for this family-friendly fantasy were created by Adamo and commissioned by The Dallas Opera, which recorded the opera, live in high-definition, at the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House in December of 2015.

Becoming Santa Claus stars mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera as the conflicted Queen Sophine, tenor Jonathan Blalock as the troubled Prince Claus, and bass Matt Boehler singing the dual roles of Donkey/Messenger. This lively new work also featured Keith Jameson, Kevin Burdette, and Grammy winners Hila Plitmann and Lucy Schaufer, as a quartet of scheming palace elves.

In an Elven kingdom in the Far, Far North, Prince Claus is expecting his three Uncle Kings to come celebrate his 13th birthday at a party to end all parties; however, a bright star has signaled a momentous birth, and the Kings have, instead, sent regrets and gifts. Claus decides to outdo his uncles and dazzle this newborn with an assortment of the very latest toys — until he discovers the most treasured gift of all.

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Commissioned by The Dallas Opera, Becoming Santa Claus was presented in its World Premiere on December 4, 2015, in Dallas Texas. Its DVD/Blu-ray recording and post-production were generously underwritten by Maile Shea.

A wild Christmas gift…a delightfully inventive and over-the-top holiday show that explores Santa’s backstory with wit and whimsy…
Catherine Womack, D Magazine

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*Eggnog not included.

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