Listen: Chamber Music Month

Listen: Chamber Music Month
This May, we celebrate National Chamber Music Month with a collection of chamber compositions by some of our composers. Richard Kessler, Chair of the Board for Chamber Music America, describes chamber music month as “a really great opportunity for ensembles to get to know more about other ensembles; For audiences to know more about the various performances and the types of ensembles that are out there in their community that might be touring; The kinds of groups playing music they might want to buy a recording of; It’s a big networking and community building opportunity for performers, presenters, audiences, and just about anyone who really loves music.” We hope you’ll enjoy these chamber music pieces and continue to celebrate small ensemble music throughout every month.

"Even Though I started playing the violin when I was four, my early chamber music experiences helped build a string foundation for my solo work, as all music is a rich dialogue that is shared on stage no matter what the size of the ensemble." — Anne Akiko Meyers

Chamber Music Month

This playlist was contributed by Liam Alves

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